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Ellie Florist

Store's address:

Room 103, OC STYLA

Studená 4B/18496, 821 04 Bratislava

Email: cs@ellieflorist.com

Phone: +421 902 638 063


Authorized representative: 

Name: Anh Dang Duy

Phone: +421 902 559 586

Email: ellieflorist.com@gmail.com


Business registered Address:

Stara Vajnorska 3308/19

83104 Bratislava



Organization ID: 50548603

VAT ID: SK3120167941



Terms and Conditions



The following Terms and Conditions regulate the rights and duties of parties following from a purchase contract between the seller (Ellie Florist) and the buyer. The subject of the contract is buying and selling of goods on the website of the online shop of the seller.


1.1 The seller means the store: Ellie Florist ( Located in OC STYLA - Studena 4B/18496 - Bratislava, 821 04 Bratislava) – Business registered name: Duy Anh Dang -  Stara Vajnorska 19, 83104 Bratislava – Nove Mesto, registered in Tomasikova 46, 83205 Bratislava, File No.: 2016/090658-2, Co. Reg. No.: 110-251731, VAT Reg. No.: SK3120167941, tel. +421902638063, e-mail: cs@ellieflorist.com (hereafter referred to as “the seller“).


1.2 The buyer means every person or a legal entity who has submitted an electronic order processed by the system of the online shop and has entered into a distant purchase contract with the seller.


1.3 The buyer gives a consent to these Terms and Conditions by confirming their order on the website of the seller. The Terms and Conditions in force on the day of entering into a purchase contract are an inseparable part of the purchase contract.




2.1 The buyer can place an order for the goods as follows: – by filling in and submitting a form on the website of the seller via the shopping basket on the website of the seller,


2.2 Subsequently, within 24 hours the latest after submitting the order, the buyer receives to their email address a confirmation email letter with additional information about the availability and delivery time of the goods. The buyer acknowledges that all confirmed orders are binding.


2.3 By submitting the order the buyer undertakes to accept the ordered goods and pay the agreed price.


2.4 The seller undertakes to deliver the goods based on the buyer´s order at the agreed quantity, quality and price.




The seller is entitled to proper and timely payment of the purchase price from the buyer for the goods.


3.1 The seller is a VAT payer.


3.2 The basic price of the order includes the cost of delivery of goods depending on which delivery method is selected by the buyer. Packing charges are included in the price of transport.




4.1 The buyer can choose a payment method Card Pay payment


4.2 The payment is possible in Euro currency only.


4.3 The seller sends a tax document (invoice) to the buyer.




Product availability and the shipment are listed by the product on the internet website of the online shop.


5.1 The seller undertakes to ensure transport and delivery of the goods by courier.


5.2 The place of delivery is determined in the buyer´s order. The buyer is required to take the goods in a place that was determined by the order as the place of delivery. By delivering the goods to the designated place the supply is met.


5.3 The goods are appropriately packaged and secured. The buyer is required to check the goods at the time of delivery.


5.4 The buyer is entitled to withdraw from the contract in the event of non-delivery of the goods by the seller within the period specified by the seller. The seller is obliged to refund the buyer the part of the price that has been paid. This has to be done in the period of 14 days of receipt of the contract withdrawal by wire transfer to a bank account of the buyer determined by the buyer.




6.1 When the buyers order goods on our website (ellieflorist.sk), they have the right to withdraw the orders at any time before the goods are delivered. After canceling orders, we will send a full refund to the buyers. If the buyers cancel the orders within 7 days of delivery, they can return it or replace it without giving any reason. The goods must be returned in their original and do not have any changes or damage. The goods must be returned or replaced with bills. If they fail to perform these terms and conditions, they can not return the goods or receive the refund.


1. In case of a complaint, please send to: cs@ellieflorist.com

In your email, please enter the product code or the order number of the goods you want to replace or return. Your claim will be processed within 2 business days.


2. After we confirm your email complaining about the products, you will receive an e-mail about how you can return or replace the goods. You will choose to return or replace the goods at our shops or use our delivery service.

- The fee for our delivery service when returning goods is 5 EUR within Bratislava. Places outside Bratislava are € 0.50 / km.





7.1 All personal data provided by customers within the ordering of goods or registering via the online shop ellieflorist.sk are collected, processed and stored in compliance with the Act No. 122/2013 Coll. on data protection.


7.2 By submitting the order, or more precisely by entering into the purchase contract, the customer in compliance with the Act No. 122/2013 Coll. gives consent to the seller to process, collect and store their personal data for the purpose of entering into the purchase contract, meeting orders and related communication with the customer, but also after a successfully fulfilled order for the purpose of performance of the purchase contract and keeping a record (e.g. handling claims, accounting etc.). This consent is granted until revoked in writing by sending the notice of revocation. The personal data are processed in the following scope: name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address. The customers are entitled to access and edit their personal data, as well as exercise other legal rights pertaining thereto. The seller does not provide, publish nor disclose the personal data of customers to third parties, with the exception of companies providing distribution of ordered goods, to whom the personal data of customers are given in a limited scope necessary for the purpose of goods delivery.