Frequently asked questions

Do your staff have DCSI clearance?

Yes - as a condition of employment all program staff have current DCSI checks for working with children. As this document is expensive to replace if it is lost or damaged, staff will only carry it with them if specifically requested when a booking is made.

Can I get more information about your programs?

We can provide a content overview of any programs you may be considering booking. We do not send out scripts because i) there would be intellectual property issues, and ii) we don't use them - our staff are expected to know what they're talking about.

Can I have more than one program in a day?

Yes you can. Each presenter can run 3 program sessions a day, and they don't all have to be the same program. We will work with you to decide on a timetable that allows for pack-up and set-up when changing programs between sessions.

Can I have more than three sessions in a day?

Yes, subject to staff availability. One staff can run three sessions per day (or 6 of the Starlab Experience), but more than one staff member can be booked. The minimum numbers of sessions a staff member can be booked for in a day is 2.

Can I have the same program in two locations at once?

No - we have 1 copy of the equipment and materials for each program.

How far in advance do I have to book?

It depends on which term you're booking for. For example, Term 3 contains National Science Week, so August and September is usually fully booked by the middle of term 2. In term 1, you'll be in with a good shot even if you're just a week out.

The earlier you book, the better chance of getting your preferred date/s. If you want a time slot in National Science Week, we'd recommend making contact by the end of term 1.

Do you have liability insurance?

MSE maintains $20,000,000 in Third Party Liability insurance. A Certificate of Currency can be sent via email on request.

Do you have discounts for disadvantaged schools?

Yes - Category 1-4 and AISSA-listed disadvantaged schools in the Greater Metropolitan Adelaide (North, East, South,West, Central) and Adelaide Hills, receive discounts on all of our programs. Details can be found in the Pricing and Discount Schedule at the bottom of each STEM@school program page. For 13 years Mobile Science Education has been the only organisation of its kind to offer significant discounts to disadvantaged schools, despite receiving no government funding or grants. We would like to be able to offer similar discounts to regional schools, but we can't do that without government support. If you would like to see regional students get the same opportunities as others, please let the SA Minister for Education know at this address:

Do you have any free programs?

Any free programs, in the absence of government funding, would be STEM@work programs paid for by partners.

Is there a minimum charge?

For schools less than 150km from Victoria Square, Adelaide (as measured by Google Maps): Daily minimum for 1 presenter to come to your school is $450 +GST. This is the equivalent of 1 show with 90+ students, or three Starlab planetarium sessions. 2 hands-on workshops would also cover the minimum charge. For schools more than 150km from Victoria Square, Adelaide (as measured by Google Maps): Daily minimum for 1 presenter to come to your school is $810 +GST, plus travel costs.